Aluminum Square Pass

Aluminum Square Pass is guangzhou elegant building materials co., LTD., one of the important production product, tong has tens of thousands of square meters of factory building materials, imports of production equipment and professional designers, need aluminum rectangular tube project to provide professional solutions and install decoration, general building materials, aluminum rectangular tube is absolutely your right choice, choose the Aluminum Square Pass is chosen and building materials.

Aluminum Fangtong has characteristics of aluminum ventilation extrusion molding, product hardness, straightness is far more than other products, the installation structure for the use of the upper main bone, screws and specially made components and profile hammer connection, strong windproof, suitable for outdoor decoration (keel spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily). The special aluminum fangtong can be bent into an arc. The appearance of the curved aluminum fangtong provides a broader space for designers to create more unique and beautiful works.

Aluminum Square Pass with open vision, ventilation, air permeability, the neat lines and lively, distinct, reflected the modern style of simplicity and clear, simple and convenient installation disassembly, aluminum machine is not only simple installation, maintenance is also very convenient, because each of the aluminum rectangular tube is separate, can install and remove, no need special tools, convenient maintenance and maintenance, Become the main product of popular decoration market in recent years. Aluminum Fangtong has many advantages, and Yatong Aluminum Fangtong has won the recognition of many customers and friends in the market.
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