Aluminum Square Tube

Guangzhou elegant building materials co., LTD. Is is aluminum square tube manufacturers, and through the production of aluminum square tube type have u tube, profiles of aluminum square tube, modelling aluminum square tube, etc., can also according to customer demand design production, specifications according to customer request of construction projects, and general building materials aluminum square tube in the market is more popular with the public, such as you need, focus on, building materials, Knowledge of aluminum square tubes.

Aluminum square tube specifications flexible, customizable, can use the card buckle aluminum square tube keel type keel, flat teeth keel, keel, aluminum square tube keel spacing can be installed according to the aluminum square tube spacing of customization, meet the demand of the installation, joint process usually adopts argon arc welding machine for the relevant operation process, the welding is an important process in the process of aluminum rectangular tube processing, missed it, Aluminum fangtong is easy to appear a variety of deformation in the process of transportation, it has played a certain role in fixing. Aluminum square pipe categories are complete, affordable, free sample production can be visited.

1, Yatong building materials in the production process are the use of advanced modern roller coating technology, no matter wet or dry areas can be safely used, will not fade, and has excellent anti-deformation, anti-mildew and anti-peel performance;

2, Yatong building materials will ensure environmental protection and safety, must eliminate toxic elements of raw materials. Yatong Aluminum selects raw aluminum materials, the service life can reach more than 20 years, to ensure that customers can live in peace and security after use;

3, Yatong adhering to the professional one-stop worry - saving service. Yatong Aluminium has a professional sales team that can provide customers with high quality products and all-round one-stop service.

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