Aluminum Veneer

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Aluminum veneer refers to the plate material made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material. Or it is a sheet aluminum product made from flat aluminum embryos by heating, rolling extension and straightening or solution aging heat and other processes. Aluminum veneer according to the scope of application can be divided into: external curtain wall aluminum veneer; Interior aluminum veneer; Column (beam) aluminum veneer; Ceiling aluminum veneer (ceiling aluminum veneer); The aluminum veneer used in construction includes a variety of materials such as single aluminum veneer, composite aluminum veneer and so on.

As a form of curtain wall, aluminum veneer is simply made of aluminum veneer instead of glass curtain wall. Aluminum veneer curtain wall is mostly used for wall protection and wall without lighting, instead of Mosaic and general sand blasting exterior wall. A large number of the use of aluminum veneer and other new building materials, can not only improve the energy-saving index of building curtain wall, and enlarge the using range of the building curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall, light quality, strength, high stiffness, strong corrosion resistance, light pollution, no waste gas, fire resistant (non) combustion products, service life is long, rich color, adornment effect is good, strong resistance to weathering, The coating can waterproof penetration, easy processing and forming, can make the appearance of the building has a perfect geometric look and feel, the choice of Yatong aluminum veneer must be right.
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