Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube

Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube

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Yatong Building Materials Aluminum Square Tube has complete specifications, durable, and customized processing according to requirements. Yatong has been specializing in the production of aluminum square tube for 12 years, covering most of the European and American markets. We are looking forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Product Detail

Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube

1. Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube Introduction 

Ceiling aluminum square pipe ventilation, simple installation and maintenance, fire and moisture characteristics. Especially in large and large public places of application is more common, such as high-speed railway stations and airports. Single from the appearance and overall image, the overall decorative effect is neat and generous, the structure is random, the change is multi-terminal, the feeling of the atmosphere and grade.

2. Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube Parameters

The ceiling aluminum square tube can be produced in different specifications according to different types of materials, and customized specifications can be made according to customer requirements.


3. Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube Characteristics And Application

The suspended ceiling aluminum square tube is one of the suspended ceiling produced in recent years. The aluminum square tube has an open horizon, ventilation, ventilation, its bright and neat lines, distinct layers, showing the fine and clear modern personality. The device is simple and convenient to open, and has become the main commodity of the popular decoration market in recent years. In addition to thickening the wall thickness of the hot rolled thick wall aluminum square tube, the corner dimension and the flatness of the edge are all above the level of the cold formed aluminum square tube welded by resistance welding. Good overall mechanical properties, good weldability, cold and hot workability and corrosion resistance, as well as good low temperature toughness.


4. Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube Details

Ceiling aluminum square tube plasticity advantage is very obvious, can be designed into a variety of different shapes, compared with more than any other building aluminum, aluminum square tube has the other condole top material have no corrosion resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, resistance to ultraviolet (uv) both outdoor profile aluminum square tube, aluminum tube partition, or as an indoor ceiling of U type aluminum square tube, U groove aluminum square tube. They will not fade and will retain their shape in long term use. Long service life advantage.


5. Ceiling Aluminum Square Tube Qualification 

Ceilings can be used in hotels, airports and guesthouses. Unlike mineral wool panels, metal panels are waterproof and easy to clean, even rinse.


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Aluminum ingot price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. That is, the basic molding cost + spraying cost + transportation cost.


7. FAQ

What should be paid attention to when aluminum square pipe ceiling?

First, determine the specifications of the aluminum fangtong ceiling [including height, bottom width and thickness.

Second, after determining the color of the aluminum rectangular tube and specifications, according to the height of the aluminum rectangular tube specification in design good condole top spacing, average height is not high aluminum rectangular tube spacing cannot too big, spacing is too big can't effectively hide at the top of the pipe, line pipe, air conditioning and other infrastructure, ceiling effect will sell at a discount greatly, therefore, it is very important to design space.

Three, when hanging aluminum square should not be hanging along the line of sight, horizontal hanging effect will be better in the line of sight, if it looks like a slide, with the second above is not conducive to hiding the top of the facilities, so it is better to hang horizontally.

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