Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

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Product Detail

Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

1. Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer Introduction

Aluminum veneer curtain wall, as a form of curtain wall, is mostly used for wall protection and wall without lighting, instead of Mosaic and general sand blasting exterior wall.


2. Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer Parameters

The thickness of aluminum veneer curtain wall is generally 1. 5mm -5.0mm. Aluminum gusset plate manufacturers said the thickness of aluminum plate size decision aluminum veneer curtain wall bearing capacity of the size. The thicker the aluminum profile, the stronger the bearing capacity of the aluminum veneer curtain wall, which can greatly reduce the wind speed and air pressure.


3. Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer Characteristics And Application

The durability of the aluminum veneer curtain wall has been praised by everyone. Aluminum veneer curtain wall surface selection of fluorocarbon spray paint paint, aluminum buckle plate manufacturers said that fluorocarbon spray processing technology makes the aluminum profile surface has anti-fading, anti-oxidation, anti-sunlight, aging resistance and other excellent characteristics, can easily solve the sun and rain, improve its durability time. Indoor and outdoor applications are guaranteed time use.


4. Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer Details

Aluminum veneer curtain wall can be produced and processed into a variety of shapes to integrate into a variety of interior design styles. Aluminum gusset plate manufacturers said that the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall has experienced electrophoresis process, wood grain transfer printing, fluorocarbonic paint and other processing processes, which promotes the appearance effect of aluminum veneer curtain wall with a variety of fashion trends.


5. Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer Qualification

Aluminum veneer curtain wall, as a kind of aluminum veneer curtain wall, has advantages in the use of high-rise buildings with its light texture and good strength. Because high-rise buildings are subjected to various loads at all times, especially by the large wind pressure, the Mosaic is easy to fall off, and the curtain wall material with weak hardness will be deformed because of the large wind pressure.


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Aluminum ingot price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. That is, the basic molding cost + spraying cost + transportation cost.


7. FAQ

How to install curtain wall aluminum veneer?

We will provide a step-by-step installation manual to teach you how to install curtain wall aluminum veneer.

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