Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer

Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer

Yatong aluminum veneer complete specifications, durable, and according to the requirements of customized processing, Yatong professional production of aluminum veneer for 12 years, covering most of the European and American markets, we look forward to become your long-term partner in China.The following is an introduction to Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer, I hope to help you better understand Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together!

Product Detail

Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer


1. Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer Introduction

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is the exterior wall design of many buildings will be chosen, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer refers to the surface after chroming treatment, and then using two coated two baked or three coated three baked fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying formed fluorocarbon aluminum veneer.


2. Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer Parameters

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer material and fluorocarbon aluminum veneer conventional size, there are indoor and outdoor parts: Outdoor aluminum veneer generally adopts 2mm-5mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum plate or AA3003 and other high quality aluminum alloy plate, AA3003 aluminum alloy plate quality strength will be a little harder, indoor aluminum veneer material is generally used AA1100 pure aluminum plate, indoor aluminum plate thickness is generally between 0.8 and 1.5mm, these thicknesses are indoor aluminum plate ceiling, But some indoor irregular ceiling, metope will also use 2mm to 3mm aluminum plate.


3. Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer Characteristics And Application

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has corrosion resistance and weatherability, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, cold and hot resistance is very good, and can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, long service life and has been favored by many consumers, in order to ensure the long-term aesthetic effect of the building can try to choose fluorocarbon aluminum veneer.


4. Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer Details

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is currently a popular product in aluminum veneer products. There are two main functions in the design of building curtain wall, one is decorative, the other is the protection of the wall. Because of the advantages of fluorocarbon spraying, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer can ensure the service life of aluminum curtain wall, which is also one of the important reasons why we should identify whether it is fluorocarbon aluminum veneer.


5. Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer Qualification

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has now replaced a lot of building curtain wall materials, I believe everyone should know, now a lot of interior also began to use fluorocarbon aluminum veneer this product, many home decoration will also find aluminum veneer manufacturers to choose aluminum veneer.


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Aluminum ingot price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. That is, the basic molding cost + spraying cost + transportation cost.


7. FAQ

How does price of general fluorocarbon aluminum veneer calculate?

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer manufacturer price is generally between 180-350 yuan, the final price depends on the user's actual demand and the number of installation requirements.

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