On the advantages of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer relative to coating

- 2021-06-29-

Fluorine-carbon aluminum single sheet under the condition of the production is the base material, high quality aluminum alloy panel by nc processing technology for sheet metal bending, in the case of use to ensure that keep in smooth deformation of fluorine-carbon aluminum single sheet, under the condition of the installation can have better ability to resist pressure, most as exterior wall veneer used in decoration.

Compared with traditional coatings, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has the following advantages:

01 fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has good weather resistance. In view of the construction conditions of the coating coating is not the same as the spray coating characteristics are different, the range of pure light color is also relatively wide, the light deviation is relatively small, in general, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer after spraying can achieve long-term do not fade.

02 fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is a corresponding self-cleaning ability. General external wall cleaning is very time consuming, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has water resistance and long-term use can still ensure that the state is not dirty, aluminum veneer paint has a corresponding self-cleaning ability, can avoid many cleaning time.

03 fluorocarbon coatings have excellent decorative properties. Fluorocarbon coating can be used in external walls to make a variety of effects, general solid color, matte, metal effect, imitation curtain wall effect, etc.

04 fluorocarbon exterior wall coating has the properties of sand resistance and corrosion resistance. In the seaside, desert, chemical gas corrosion (acid, alkali) and other conditions, fluorocarbon exterior wall coating has been known to have excellent performance.

05 external wall fluorocarbon paint matching the corresponding alkali - resistant primer, medium paint, has better mechanical properties. Not only good adhesion, impact resistance, high hardness (scratch resistance), and resistance to window wash, etc.

Compared with glass curtain wall, the cost of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall is lower, there is no photochemical pollution, and the product meets the relevant national environmental protection policies and regulations.