How to avoid falling into misunderstandings when purchasing aluminum plate?

- 2021-06-29-

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer as a new type of curtain wall material with high frequency of use, many customers will fall into mistakes in the process of purchasing aluminum veneer, such as aluminum price is not the lower the better? The answer is no. In view of the production cost of aluminum veneer manufacturers is relatively fixed, when the price competition occurs, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer products shoddy situation is more. How can it be prevented? The following for you to share the procurement of aluminum veneer process should be how to avoid pitfalls.

1. Is the price of aluminum plate the lower the better?

Buying personnel mostly like to go to the theme to talk about price, but really is the lower the price of aluminum, the better? The answer is no. The lower the price is on behalf of the production of aluminum veneer manufacturers profit income is lower. All manufacturers must have a price bottom line, the price of aluminum plate can not be less than the cost price to sell, low price for manufacturers represents chronic suicide behavior. Of course, there are obviously lower than the market for goods, but the quality of its products is questionable, the production and manufacturing of raw materials may be made of recycled aluminum production and manufacturing, in addition to spraying paint will not choose big brand paint and so on. Therefore, the lower the price of aluminum plate, the better is just a false proposition, not the lower the price of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer product quality on the line.

2, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer big brand = reliable?

Mention aluminum plate low price can not be letter, as the saying goes, good cheap no good goods, I think we can understand the truth. Said to the brand enterprise in the production of aluminum veneer far-fetched, you may not believe, but working in the field of aluminum veneer people know a little more or less, big brand manufacturers usually production of aluminum veneer, but given the production ability is limited, and the order itself is not very much, therefore tend to outsource some part of the production tasks to some smaller aluminum veneer manufacturer, Implement OEM labeling. You may not know, there are many big brands in the field of aluminum veneer in China, they used to be engaged in aluminum plastic board, and they are engaged in the field of flooring. With the rapid development of the field of decoration engineering, these manufacturers upgrade and transform the production of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, and its production and manufacturing outsourcing is also a normal range. It can be said that big brand enterprises are not necessarily reliable!

3, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer fast supply the faster the better?

Aluminum veneer decoration engineering projects will have a project construction period commitment, some customers think that aluminum veneer manufacturers quickly supply the faster the better enterprise is good. But do you know? Aluminum veneer manufacturing steps complex, rapid supply must have a prerequisite, product quality must be qualified. Otherwise the occurrence of shoddy will obviously affect the construction progress of the project.

4, can only use fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer?

In fact, aluminum veneer surface treatment process in addition to fluorocarbon spraying, and electrostatic powder spraying and so on. Fluorocarbon paint or electrostatic powder spraying depends on the customer application of different places, fluorocarbon paint product quality and decorative effect is better than powder, but the price of powder aluminum veneer is more affordable than fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, so it is not necessary to choose fluorocarbon paint, and according to the specific needs of the project site to do a good job of selection.