What is the relationship between fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer and waterproof performance?

- 2021-06-29-

Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer has very good weather resistance and ultraviolet light resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance, in outdoor all normal standards, do not fade preservation period for 20 years! Aluminum veneer such products are often used in interior decoration.

The following can help you choose a good fluorocarbon-sprayed aluminum veneer: with the building curtain wall aluminum veneer continues to be popular, in the sales market took place in the shape of the building curtain wall aluminum veneer products, manufacturers say their cost-effective, it is indeed difficult to use. Choose large manufacturers to customize, so as to ensure that their legal rights will not be infringed. Now let me give you a detailed explanation, the following can help you choose a good building curtain wall aluminum veneer. First, the large manufacturing manufacturers have excellent technology, mature technical talents, and the overall strength of supporting design, production and manufacturing. They can produce and manufacture a lot of different architectural curtain wall aluminum veneers, which can meet all kinds of requirements of customers.

As we all know, the obvious drawback of the modernization development trend is environmental pollution, "the harm of acid rain" is the material of environmental pollution. And the fluorocarbon spraying coating on the surface of aluminum veneer has very good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, very good solution to the acid and alkali in precipitation, improve the corrosion resistance of outdoor engineering buildings, improve the use time of building decoration materials.

Fluorocarbon spray coating also has the property that it can be produced and processed into a random appearance and the surface is not easy to dirty, so as to clean up and maintain. This enhances the flow of water at the top and outside of the outdoor engineering building. Precipitation is not easy to stay on the surface of engineering buildings for a long time.

Therefore, to deal with the wet and cold Meiyu weather, outdoor engineering construction must use aluminum veneer this engineering decoration materials!