Acceptance Criteria for Ceiling Aluminum Square

- 2021-07-16-

Acceptance criteria for Ceiling Aluminum Square

1. The specifications of the wooden square used for the wooden frame should be in accordance with the design requirements. The wooden squares should be glued and then fixed with nails, and the side contacting the cover panel must be flattened.

2. The wooden frame structure of the ceiling should meet the fire protection requirements.

3. All kinds of cover panels should not have defects such as bubbles, peeling, cracks, missing corners, dirt and pattern defects. The surface should be flat, the edges should be neat, and the color should be consistent.

4. The hole spacing of the perforated board should be neatly arranged, and the plywood and wood fiber board should not be degummed, discolored and decayed.

5. If plywood and medium-density fiberboard are fixed with nails, the nail distance is 80-100mm and the nail length is 25-35mm. The nail cap should be flattened and enter the board surface 0.5-1mm, and the nail holes should be smoothed with oily putty.

6. When varnish is applied to the plywood surface, the wood grain and color of the adjacent board surface should be similar.

7. When the cover panel is to be pasted or painted, the joints should be pasted with white latex and muslin cloth, and at least 5mm overlap on each side of the joint.

Ceiling Aluminum Square