Advantages of Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer

- 2021-07-19-

The advantages of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer.

1. Different specifications of fluorocarbon aluminum single curtain wall panels have extremely high flatness and are not easily deformed. Aluminum single curtain wall panels mainly use pre-rolled Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer to ensure no color difference and reliable quality. The color of the building's exterior wall can be kept bright for a long time.

2. Strong decoration, convenient installation, reliable quality and fast.

3. The fluorocarbon aluminum single curtain wall panel adopts all-aluminum structure, which is a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving new building material.

4. High strength, stable structure and good wind pressure resistance.

5. The fluorocarbon aluminum single curtain wall panel is not easy to produce shear, and the panel is more stable. Aluminum single-sided curtain wall panels have better wind resistance than aluminum-plastic plywood and aluminum veneer, and are not easily deformed and have good flatness.

6. The fluorocarbon aluminum veneer will not produce harmful gases during the production process and the use process. And it can be recycled directly without polluting the environment.

Fluorocarbon Aluminum Veneer