Features of Aluminum Veneer

- 2021-07-19-

This article introduces the characteristics of aluminum veneer

1. The new model is mainly embodied in the use of new materials and new material technologies to enhance various properties of building materials. Aluminum veneer is a new type of building material, which is very different from traditional wood, stone and other traditional building materials. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plates.

2. Non-toxicity is mainly reflected in the harmlessness of building materials to the human body. The aluminum veneer volatilizes toxic substances during the painting process, and then it is covered with film packaging to achieve environmental protection. It can also be completely recycled and reused, so that resources can be used rationally.

3. Low-carbon and energy-saving will be the main trends in the development of the construction industry in the future. The combination of aluminum veneer products and other environmental protection materials can greatly improve the energy-saving and environmental protection performance of the aluminum veneer.

Aluminum Veneer