Advantages of Aluminum Square Pass

- 2021-07-20-

Advantages of aluminum square pass

1. The aluminum square heat aluminum ingot is continuously rolled or cold-formed and extruded by a special forming machine.

2. Aluminum square pass has stronger wind resistance and higher safety.

3. Aluminum square pass has low density, high tensile strength, strong surface metal luster, uniform coating, bright and diverse colors, high hardness, bright and elegant lines, good straightness, and strong spatial selectivity.

4. The monotonous design style of the special aluminum square pass scanning makes the architectural decoration effect more concise and generous. It also provides designers with more choices in the choice of decoration materials, which greatly expands their imagination and is conducive to better and better design. People who are more visually appealing.

5. Aluminum square pass has good workability.

6. The installation and construction of the aluminum square pass is very convenient and fast, the disassembly and assembly are flexible, and the visual height can be adjusted according to the individual needs of users. It is also more conducive to the design of space lighting effects to achieve the best visual enjoyment.

7. The design and construction of aluminum square pass is also more conducive to the installation of fire sprinklers, air-conditioning series and other equipment products.

8. The special shape of the aluminum square makes the decorative effect more layered.

9. The aluminum square pass has bright lines and overall transparency, which makes the architectural design change and the effect is beautiful.

Aluminum Square Pass