Problems Needing Attention in Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer

- 2021-07-20-

Problems needing attention in curtain wall aluminum veneer

1. Each part of the curtain wall aluminum veneer system requires scientific mechanical calculations. It is necessary to check the effects of temperature, earthquake and wind pressure on the curtain wall system from all aspects, and carefully observe the embedded parts, connection systems, keel systems, panels and fasteners, and check to ensure safety.

2. The floating connection ensures the integrity of the Curtain Wall Aluminum Veneer, will not cause deformation of the curtain wall, and avoid bulges or depressions on the surface of the curtain wall.

3. The fixed plate method plays a fixed role in the mounting plate. The inconsistent force of each board fixing point will cause the surface material to deform and affect the external decoration effect. Therefore, the method of fixing the board must adopt a fixed distance compression fixing method to ensure the stability of the surface of the curtain wall.

4. Are there any reinforcement measures for the composite surface material? Because the folded edge of the composite panel material only retains the thickness of the front panel, the thickness is thinner and the strength is reduced, so reliable reinforcement measures must be provided for deburring.

5. The stiffeners need to be reasonably arranged on the back of the board to increase the strength and rigidity of the board. The arrangement distance of the stiffeners and the strength and stiffness of the stiffeners must meet the requirements to ensure function and safety.

6. There are many waterproof sealing methods, such as structural waterproofing, internal waterproofing, and rubber sealing. Different sealing methods have different prices. Choose a suitable sealing method to ensure the function and appearance of the curtain wall.

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