The Impact of the Environment on Aluminum Square Pass

- 2021-07-20-

The impact of the environment on aluminum square pass

1. The natural environment of the project construction should be appropriate. Many users and constructors will consider less of this. The key reason is that the application field of such hardware materials is not known in many people's hearts. Hardware materials can be applied in all natural environments.

2. The key to the reinforcement measures to be carried out is to focus on the composite curtain wall aluminum veneer. When such curtain wall aluminum veneer is produced and processed, the blank holder can only be thin and thick. It can be said that this The thickness of the position becomes softer, so the applied compressive strength is getting lower and lower. Therefore, when the edge removal solution is carried out, in order to ensure the applied compressive strength, a reinforcement solution must be carried out.

3. Do a good job in the solution of moisture-proof and airtightness. It can be said that the curtain wall aluminum veneer has a very good practical effect of airtightness in individual applications, and it is very well guaranteed at the level of moisture-proof. However, at the time of project construction, it is necessary to carry out patchwork solutions. Therefore, at the time of project construction, whether it is structural moisture resistance or internal moisture resistance, very good consideration must be carried out.

4. To solve the problem of reliability, the project construction regulations for this point can be said to be carried out in consideration of the application method of curtain wall aluminum veneer.

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