Installation of Aluminum Square Pass

- 2021-07-21-

Installation of aluminum square pass

1. First of all, aluminum square pass includes U-shaped aluminum square pass, slotted aluminum square pass, slotted aluminum square pass, square tube aluminum square pass, etc. Then, the processing methods of these aluminum square passes are different. The profile extrusion product is formed into a U-shaped aluminum square through continuous rolling, stretching and bending or manual intermittent bending. The size is flexible and can be combined at will.

2. Then determine the ceiling elevation: use a line to bounce the design elevation on the surrounding wall or column surface. If the elevation is different, you can bounce the position of the variable part to the floor.

3. Next, according to the specifications and dimensions of the aluminum ceiling, install the auxiliary keel matching the panel, and hang the auxiliary keel on the main keel through the hanger. When the length of the auxiliary keel needs to be extended several times, please use the auxiliary keel connector to connect the opposite ends when hanging the auxiliary keel, and straighten it before fixing.

4. At this time, the product has high hardness, but because it is extruded through a die, the size will be limited, usually some commonly used specifications, if you want to customize the specifications, you need to open a new mold, which will increase the cost .

5. Generally, the optimal ceiling spacing is designed according to the height specifications of the aluminum square pass. Generally, the distance between the low-height aluminum square through holes cannot be too large. If the distance is too large, the water pipes, pipelines, air-conditioning equipment and other foundations on the top will not be effectively hidden. In terms of facilities, the effect of the ceiling will be greatly reduced, so the design spacing is very important.

6. Finally, fix the boom or galvanized iron wire. When suspending the ceiling, you must fix the structure. First fix it with one end of the structure, and then fix the boom or galvanized iron wire with a nail gun.

Aluminum Square Pass