Construction technology of aluminum square-pass suspended ceiling

- 2021-09-03-

Aluminum square-pass ceiling construction process: 1. Pull the horizontal line according to the required level, and pull it in both vertical and horizontal directions; 2. Lift the light steel keel (38 or 50 keel) according to the appropriate spacing, generally 1-1.2 meters apart, The distance of the booms is distributed according to the regulations of the light steel keel; 3. The hanging parts pre-installed on the keel, together with the square keel, are installed under the light steel keel. The distance between the square keel is generally 1 meter, and it must be adjusted to the level after all installation; 4. Hang the aluminum square pass on the keel in order, and then press down the inverted lock. The end of the square pass should be kept at a distance of 10mm or 20mm; 5. When installing the aluminum square pass, you must wear gloves, if you leave it accidentally Fingerprints or stains can be washed with dish soap and wiped dry