Punched Aluminum Veneer

Punched Aluminum Veneer

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Product Detail

Punched Aluminum Veneer


1. Punched Aluminum Veneer Introduction

The perforated aluminum plate can be widely used in sound insulation, decoration, curtain wall and so on. It is the most common for the decoration of exterior wall of buildings. The perforated aluminum plate of curtain wall has unique texture, rich color and lasting color, and the appearance shape can be diversified, and can be combined with glass curtain wall material and stone curtain wall material.


2. Punched Aluminum Veneer parameters

The perforated aluminum veneer can be customized according to customer needs, such as long hole, round hole, square hole, diamond hole and plum hole, etc., the installation of perforated aluminum veneer will have a strong artistic atmosphere, more show its personality charm.


3. Punched Aluminum Veneer Characteristics And Application

(1) The exterior walls, beams, columns, balconies of a building. Aluminum curtain wall is durable; Beam and column can be used to punch aluminum veneer, and fluorocarbon punch aluminum veneer is often used in canopies, with good corrosion resistance.

(2) Widely used in large public facilities, such as airports, stations, hospitals, etc. These large public places have relatively high requirements for architectural decoration materials.

(3) In addition to the above places, meeting rooms, opera houses, stadiums, reception halls, etc., the use of perforated aluminum veneer on these occasions mainly takes into account the decorative and silencing effect.


4. Punched Aluminum Veneer Details

In perforated aluminum sheet curtain wall decoration materials or occupy a certain position, and the application of perforated aluminum veneer space, there are a lot of perforated aluminum veneer is a major categories, processing to meet the need of engineering, these are all can be customized production, in aluminum veneer factory production and processing after the first, and then shipped to the construction site for installation.


5. Punched Aluminum Veneer Qualification

(1) According to the specification, the material application for inspection should include: manufacturer's qualification certificate, product qualification certificate, instruction manual.

(2) Spot inspection items: screw: strength, galvanized aluminum plate: strength.


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Aluminum ingot price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. That is, the basic molding cost + spraying cost + transportation cost.


7. FAQ

What are the advantages of perforated aluminum veneer?

(1) Can make the building look full of artistic sense, enhance its grade;

(2) Its punching can make the room to achieve a ventilated, bright light effect;

(3) Light weight, easy to transport and install, and is a recyclable metal material. In line with the requirements of green environmental protection building materials in modern society.

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