Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube

Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube

We are looking forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.As a professional Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube manufacture, you can rest assured to buy Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.
Yatong Building Materials Aluminum Square Tube has complete specifications, durable, and customized processing according to requirements. Yatong has been specializing in the production of aluminum square tube for 12 years, covering most of the European and American markets.

Product Detail

Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube


1. Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube Introduction

Since the wood grain aluminum square tube began to use, it has been popular in the ceiling industry all the way, so far. It is designed according to the modern people to the life of a new concept, new pursuit, wood grain color is the product of nature, in which is like walking in nature, can relax, inside the mood for all day to run to life in the busy city, in order to ideal goal to strive for a people to in her spare time, to be close to nature, enjoy nature make people relaxed, comfortable.


2. Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube Parameters

The wood grain aluminum square tube can be produced in different specifications according to different types of materials, and customized specifications can be made according to customer requirements.


3. Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube Characteristics And Application

Wood grain aluminum square tube to decorate the ceiling has now become popular, wood grain aluminum square tube what are the characteristics:

(1) Light weight

(2) Strong customization

(3) The effect is realistic

(4) Weather resistance

(5) It has antioxidant properties

(6) Easy installation


4. Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube Details

Installation practice of wood grain aluminum square tube:

Steel keel nail wall -- Longitudinal installation and fixation of square pipe keel -- installation of 90 degrees between the keel and square pipe by Angle code -- installation of core pulling nail -- adjustment of Angle of each pipe -- upper and lower grounding floor fixed by structural glue. the more popular shading material should be aluminum square.

5. Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube Qualification

Wood-grain aluminum square tubes can be used in hotels, airports and hotels. Unlike mineral wool sheets, the metal sheets are waterproof and easy to clean, even rinse. 


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Aluminum ingot price + development fee + processing fee + painting and spraying fee + packaging freight. That is, the basic molding cost + spraying cost + transportation cost.


7. FAQ

What is the difference between aluminum square tube and aluminum square pipe?

Aluminum square tube and rectangular tube is the main part of the modern public environment and household decoration, in the space of whole and indoor environment and bedroom adornment occupies an important position, as the upper space of the interior space and interior space is the third major interface, surrounded in the indoor environment atmosphere, the unity of the whole style plays a very important role.

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